[ Executive Concrete Coatings Warranty ]

Executive Concrete Coatings (ECC) uses only the finest materials and takes great pride in our exclusive process and workmanship. Featured in model-homes and sold as an upgrade. You’ll have a long lasting professional floor, regardless of the process you choose. ECC materials are industrial strength and easy to clean. You can feel confident your ECC floor will be installed by a professional. ECC guarantees workmanship and product performance on our interior epoxy system, acid stain system & color system. ECC is not responsible for damage caused by owner’s neglect. You can feel confident that your ECC floor will be installed by a professional. 

Epoxy System: primarily used in garages and basements. Impervious to automobile fluids. Guaranteed not to peel under hot tires. Stops the salt from eating your concrete. Carries a five (5) year warranty. ECC will extend this warranty if ECC re-applies the top coat as recommended. 

Solid Color System: primarily used in garage floors, pool decks, patios, and walkways. Wide variety of color choices. Carries a one (1) year warranty. Will not peel under hot tires or flake off. This process requires reapplication every 3-4 years due to your level of perfection. 

Acid Stain: can be used on your interior or exterior concrete surfaces. Creates a distinct, custom professional appearance. Interior surfaces carry a three (3) year warranty, and exterior surfaces carry a one (1) year warranty. Surfaces may need a seasonal cleaning or the top coat reapplied every two to three (2-3) years to maintain a high luster. 

Pools: Carries a one (1) year warranty. Surfaces may need seasonal cleaning. 

Commercial Jobs: Guaranteed for twelve (12) months. 

Note: Executive Concrete Coatings’ process will help camouflage imperfections in the concrete. It will not fill the cracks, spalls or expansion joints. Patching is recommended to correct this. It will not strengthen the concrete or serve as a moisture barrier beneath the surface. 
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