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July 20, 2001

Mr. Ray McDougall
Executive Concrete Coatings
PO Box 490845
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Dear Ray:

I rarely have the opportunity to write "friendly" letters to home improvement contractors, but after seeing the new look your unique process has given my 15 year old garage floor, I felt obligated to let you know how pleased I am with both the end result and with your company.

I have long held the view that a clean and organized garage is a pretty good indication of the level of care and attention the homeowner pays to the rest of his home. After the completion of your work at my home, I can boast that my garage now has that look literally down to the floor level.

Just as you indicated it would be, the end result of your work is a top quality finished surface, and a lot more than just another coat of paint. The unsightly oil stains and the dull look of unfinished concrete have been replaced with a bright and sparkling granite-looking texture.

The attention to detail and overall professional approach you demonstrated throughout each step of the process is greatly appreciated. I felt you cared as much about the end result as I did. That is a refreshing quality that I have found to be almost nonexistent in most other contractors.

I enjoyed working with you and can highly recommend you to anyone who wants a truly professional job and a beautifully finished garage floor.

Best of luck in the continuing growth of your business in the Atlanta metro area.

Tom Fore

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